About Time

Stand by for some cool bracelets!

I have made 6 bracelets and only one of them is for me. (The purple one!) It’s kind of ridiculous, but they are really fun and so easy to make. In fact, I just got an “order” for two more from my neighbor. And by “order” I mean payment will be taken in the form of wine or child entertainment.

The original pin showed measurements for a single bracelet, but I prefer the double wrap, so. yeah. that’s what you get.  The only reason I have those two singles up there is because I cut the cord to short for the intended recipients wrist for a double.  Sorry Care!

When I first started this project, I ordered the buttons/findings that the pinned site took me too.  Unfortunately it took them about 3 weeks to send them and I just got them today.  I really like them a lot (one of them is on the purple bracelet, which, I finally finished today.)  The other buttons I got at JoAnne Fabric, they are fine, but not my style.  No matter since I will be giving those away, so everyone wins!

Hello, My name is Kelly…..

and I am a Pinterest addict.  Here is my story

Someone actually invented a bigger time suck than Facebook

I put off joining Pinterest as long as I could because I knew I would love it.  Makes total sense, right?  I just don’t have the time these days (heard that before?) to pick up another habit.  I have enough of those already to burst my craft closet at the seams. Ok, so I don’t have a craft “closet” but more so, 4 cabinets and a craft armoire.  (I totally hear you saying “Of course you have a craft armoire.”)

Anyway, I finally gave it a few weeks ago and HOOOO BOY!  Has it CHANGED MY LIFE!  After a few days of figuring it out, I finally clicked my first “repin”.  Sounds kind of dorky, like how “we’re MySpace friends” sounded to me when they first broke out on the scene.

Since that fateful day three weeks ago, I have really been living my life according to Pinterest.  On any given day, I have completed no less than two projects/recipes/tips and/or have been inspired somehow OR ordered/purchased something for a project OR obnoxiously, somehow incorporate it into most conversations I have.  Hey, some people like crack, I like Pinterest.

Typically when I wake up, I already have something in mind for the day, today’s attempt is the DIY

Braided Bead Bracelet:

Bead BraceletDisclaimer: These are not the actual bracelets I made. Mine are cooler.

Here is what I found out:

1) Took longer than I thought it would (about 2 hours for my first bracelet, an hour for my second.)

2) I doubled the length so it could be a wrap bracelet

3) Do not double the length, I had about 10 extra inches of cord that I had to cut off.

So, to the ladies in my life, yours will be arriving in the mail in the coming weeks….because I don’t really wear jewelry.