About Time

Stand by for some cool bracelets!

I have made 6 bracelets and only one of them is for me. (The purple one!) It’s kind of ridiculous, but they are really fun and so easy to make. In fact, I just got an “order” for two more from my neighbor. And by “order” I mean payment will be taken in the form of wine or child entertainment.

The original pin showed measurements for a single bracelet, but I prefer the double wrap, so. yeah. that’s what you get.  The only reason I have those two singles up there is because I cut the cord to short for the intended recipients wrist for a double.  Sorry Care!

When I first started this project, I ordered the buttons/findings that the pinned site took me too.  Unfortunately it took them about 3 weeks to send them and I just got them today.  I really like them a lot (one of them is on the purple bracelet, which, I finally finished today.)  The other buttons I got at JoAnne Fabric, they are fine, but not my style.  No matter since I will be giving those away, so everyone wins!


The reality is, that I was going to blog everyday about my Pinterst adventures.  That obviously hasn’t happened.


Part of that “to much to do” does not include the projects I’m working on right now…still working on the bracelets, still trying to figure out what the mantle over my fireplace should look like (we’ll save this gem for another day), still trying to, well, decorate my house after a year of living here and still trying to find new ways to keep a bouncing, jumping, running almost 3 yo occupied and excited about life (like how I just called parenting a “project”?)

In Pinterest terms, this weeks has been a success!

  • We discovered Frozen Blueberry Yogurt Dippers. I also tried raspberries and really liked them because they kind of fell apart in my mouth.  Plus, organic berries go bad SO QUICKLY, this is also a great way to use up fruit that is just about to go bad.

Blueberry Yogurt BitesThis is what 6 oz. of blueberries looks like

  • We dug for worms and because just last week I made a fishing pole out of a plastic golf club, a mini retractable mouse and a weapon from a battle dinosaur…we went fishing too!

Digging for WormsThe brown paper really gives it a “dirt” feel, don’t you think?

Gone Fishin'Notice the “worm”, you can not fish without a worm.  We are a detail-oriented bunch in this house.

  • We painted without mess!  This was especially great, later on that night when we had some friends over from dinner (with an almost 2 and an almost 4 y/o)  These guys also loved the frozen blueberry yogurt bits!

Mess-Free PaintingIt was more fun to run trucks over it then to actually “paint”

  • I found a kick ass waterbottle and immediately bought it.  Damn you Amazon One-Click!  and while we’re at it, Damn you too Amazon Prime.  And also, I love you!

the most ingenious water bottle everI don’t even have a key to my front door