Little Finger Eater Stopper

I’m switching it up a little today folks! I typically blog about other peoples pins that I find and do, and very rarely do I ever blog about any of my own pins. Particularly, this next super awesome, wow-why-didn’t-I-think-of-that brilliant idea that came to me out of necessity.

ain’t that the truth…

Now, before we go any further I would like to state that I do not have one childproof cabinet lock on any drawer or cabinet in my house. Mainly because I find them so. extremely. annoying. I would rather teach and show my boys their limits then have to deal with those awful contraptions (how very French of me, huh?) I also don’t have a lot of harsh, harmful chemicals under my sink so I am not as concerned if they were to get under there. But really, they don’t…….I digress….

So anyways, little smashed fingers! Ouch! Nothing worse than hearing your little crawler yowl in pain because he proudly pulled himself up on the drawer, pulled it open and then, uh oh! Someone loses their balance, leans on the same drawer except now his little fingers are gripping the top. He promptly closes it, subsequently smashing those same little fingers in the top of the drawer. Grant’s favorite finger eater was his dresser. Over and over again he would smash his fingers in there. I wish I had done this back then….

Two self-adhesive, felt chair pads…bam

This came about when I was trying to mute my slammy kitchen cabinet doors. The little kitchen cabinet door pads were not cutting it (they were still slammy and loud!) so I busted out the felt chair pads and noticed that, obviously it makes the drawer or cabinet stick out a bit. The light went off in my head…..or maybe it was a screech coming from Brody……but I doubled them up, stuck them on all of my kitchen drawers, and now no more pinchy fingers! (Good for dresser drawers too, those were the culprit of smashed fingers for Grant when he was a little nugg.)

NOW, this is not fail proof because we all know toddler and baby fingers are chubby. It may garner a small howl or whine if there is an actual drawer slam, but no where near the pain. I haven’t had pinched fingers in 5 months.

The first of many, Hints from Heloise  Keloise.