White Bean Chicken Chili and Cornbread……

Whenever I need some recipe inspiration I head over to my friend Sharon’s, Tasty Recipes board. To date she has 194 pins in there full of great recipes! The best part is, is that she tests them out and lets me know which ones she likes. She is also responsible for sending me the most incredible cauliflower recipe I have ever eaten in my life. It is a cauliflower-hater converter recipe, that’s how good it is, but that is for another time.

And, I have to give her FULL credit here, because I forgot to in my REDEMPTION post…Sharon is the one that told me to melt the peanut butter in with the chocolate. It was her idea, not mine, I cannot take credit for this CRITICAL step in the Frozen Chocolate Peanut Butter Covered Banana’s, aka, Monkey Pops. Thank you Sharon, “Let’s all thank Sharon here for making our Monkey Pop making more efficient and tasty!”

Side note: My Costco just started selling Dole Banana Dippers, 64 pieces for $7.89!!!! That equals $0.12 per ONE STINKIN BANANA SLICE! Seriously? Don’t be lazy and save some moolah…make these yourself (plus, they contain SOY! AHHHH!)

DO try this at homeproof

Last night I pillaged Sharon’s Tasty Recipe board and found this recipe for White Bean Chicken Chili, and also from Couldn’t Be Parve.com, CORNBREADaint nothin wrong with that

I did, as usual, make a few edits to both recipes:

To the Chicken Chili, I added a 1/2 a can of diced tomatoes and I simmered it for an hour to let it really reduce down and give it a thicker stock. It created a more “chili” consistency than “white bean chicken soup with chili flavors” consistency that it was occurring after simmering for 25 minutes (as the recipe states.) I am thankful I planned for time.

So, I live in a milk free house. Like, just cow’s milk, the liquid. We do have dairy products here (as mentioned yesterday.) Grant drinks almond milk and rice milk. I did not want to use almond milk in this cornbread recipe (it gives it too nutty of a flavor for my liking) and I ran out of rice milk. My substitution, fat free yogurt, with about 1/4 (?) of a cup of water added to the batter after I had mixed everything up. Really, I have no idea how much water, I just stuck the bowl under the faucet and ran it until I thought it would be at the right consistency which was, very thick. I had to use a spatula to scrape it in the pan and spread it around evenly, that’s how thick.

Now, the reason I chose this recipe was for the honey butter drizzled on top and soaked throughout. I typically would not have done this, but, since I replaced the milk with yogurt I felt NO SHAME dumping ALL OF it, ALL OVER and OH HOLY, MY WORD, you guys, I love cornbread and this was awesome. Very moist, lightly sweetened and I am staring, right now, on my desk, at my third piece today.

I mean, what is left of it….

3 thoughts on “White Bean Chicken Chili and Cornbread……

  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Kelly! I’ve been really enjoying you blog, as you know. We did the same on the chili- let it cook down for quite a while. So easy and tasty!

  2. it sounds super good! i love white chicken chili, and even though it usually takes more time than i have patience for, i LOVE when there are leftovers for a few more meals. :) what kind of flavor does rice milk have?

    • Well, that’s kind of hard for me to explain because I don’t drink it. ever. I just cook with it and the slightly sweet flavor that I think it has cooks off.

      Rice, almond, cow, SOY…I can’t drink any of it. The only non-dairy, non-soy I can drink is Hemp milk…but I don’t like any milk that much so I hardly ever drink it. I’m a water girl 100%

      And you should totally try this! Prep only takes like 10 minutes, it’s simply a matter of waiting for the goodness to evolve!

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