The Friday Flop – Pirate Birthday Edition

Arrrrrrr, I have been working on a post for three days…and it’s gone. Like, two days worth of writing just disappeared. WHAT HAPPENED TO SAVE DRAFT? HUH?!?!

What it basically said was: HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANT! (along with all of the great stuff I did for his party that I found on Pinterest.) But wordpress can suck it and so here it is, the abridged version:

We had a Pirate Party

“Arr, I’m three!”

I made a Watermelon Shark from my Entertaining Board-  it was not as easy as I thought it would be. Watermelons are not as easy to carve as pumpkins. Also, no Swedish Fish, yuck. Instead, watermelon and strawberries scattered around the base to look like bloooooood.

“Arr, I be looking more like a whale shark”

I also made a shrimp cocktail platter and served beers from the Carribean (Red Stripe, Corona, Dos Equis, etc.)

Kids were served Pirate Grog (Green Machine Naked Juice Smoothie)

“Arrr, Drink it if you dare!”

We had a bounce house! Nothing pirate related, but it was lent to us for free and so, there you go for taking care of the kids activity! Here’s a tip, if you ever see a bounce house at a garage sale or on Craig’s List….BUY IT!

“Arrrr, I will pillage those cupcakes!”

For the goodie bags, I bought some shovels at the $1 at Target, gold “pirate” coins, acrylic gemstones, beaded necklaces (no, I did NOT use the ones I earned found at Mardi Gras my Junior year of college) and I buried them in Grant’s sandbox for a treasure hunt! I got that idea and there were a ton of other great pirate party ideas from a pin from

The goodie bags were the most fun to put together…my first foray into the world of goodie bags. Acrylic gemstones, beaded necklaces, compass, pirate tattoos and stickers, gold coins, an eye patch, and their very own Pirate Parrot! (Our Dollar Store up here is incredible, let me tell you!)

Grant got his in a treasure chest, the other kids got….

Bags I made with my Cricut. Really, a simple “cut” and paste project.

I made chocolate cupcakes from a recipe I found on, they were fine. But the last batch of cupcakes I made I substituted the oil for strawberry puree and they were much more moist and delicious.* I didn’t want to do that this time around because I was concerned about possible allergies. The buttercream frosting I made was Martha Stewart’s Basic Vanilla Buttercream recipe from a pin in my dessert board and it was de.LI.cious! I don’t “do” frosting, but the last few times I have I made sure my butter had been sitting out for a few hours and I beat it. and beat it. and beat it. and then I beat it some more. And I think that is the key. I don’t know, but all times I have done it like that it turned out that I consumes it by the spoonful.

Arrr, Cupcake Wars – I offer you no threat

In case you want to throw your own pirate party and want a professional, graphic-designy, all professional looking party; here is a great site (Cottage Industrialist) that I pinned that offers up really nice pirate party printouts for free.

And in case you’re wondering, this qualifies as my Friday Flop, not from my failed projects, but from the fact that I am unable to operate simple technology.

*I often times am ruining recipes because I try and substitute different ingredients in replace of flour, sugar, milk, yogurt etc….it occasionally takes me a few times to get a recipe right when I am substituting, but it is worth it to me (for dietary reasons, not because I am on a diet). Here is a pin on 80 Healthy Recipe Substitutions (and also a tip…yogurt does not cook well….in my experience.)

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