The Friday Flop – Sunday Edition

If I was from the south, I would start this out with a very exasperated, and very drawn out “Y’all?”  Like, seriously, this past week?

But I am from the midwest, so maybe a “you GUYS!” would be more appropriate for me. It was a long, tiring week of solo parenting as Matt was traveling for work and I also had a higher than normal volume work week, trying to get a report done (which seems like it would be easy if you had more than 45 minutes of the day to yourself!) but with an newly budding early riser (5:45am anyone?) and both kids schedules screwed up from Daylight Savings Time, my 15 hour, pro bono days left me little room to so anything, particularly any fun Pinterest stuff. Also, despite exhaustion, my insomnia kicked in full tilt, so explain that one to me. (Not that this has anything to do with anything, but seriously, if you know how that can happen, I would love to know.)

You, reader, probably already knew this…”something must be going on with Kelly this week, I have seen hardly any posts from her except for those Car Bomb Jello shots and I am eagerly awaiting the results!” I’m sure that thought went through you mind a few time this week huh? Well, those Car Bomb Jello shots, or at least, the party they were created for…kind of did me in* (party was on Friday). I was going to update yesterday, but my brain was having a hard enough time forming words, let alone sentences, and certainly not entire paragraphs that made sense.

Car Bomb Jello ShotsSo yeah, more “finger-jello, chewy” than “slurpy, jello-shoty”

and that is why, this is the MOST disappointing Pinterest Fail ever. Seriously, have you ever chewed straight alcohol? Beer? Because, the recipe I followed made these buggers REALLY chewy. And maybe they would have been better if they were smaller? Or also perhaps, not in Car Bomb form, because they were kind of gross to me. Eating beer is not something I recommend. But don’t get me wrong, I ate my fair share of scraps (there were FAR more scraps than shamrocks) but I will admit, it was so weird eating them. And I think that is why they were consumed, because they were interesting, buuuuut, in my opinion not necessarily good (however, very festive and people love Car Bombs). Watching peoples faces as they chewed through it was rather amusing, so they were good for that. But, if I were to make these again, I would definitely reduce the amount of gelatin I used by half. I do know the gelatin to liquid ratio, so I really want to try this with wine (a sweet Riesling would be great!) and also IZZE would be a fun one to try too. Maybe not “fail”, but certainly did not live up to my expectations and such a let down.

Which leads me to Friday Flop, Sunday Edition #2, which is a guest post!!!!!! Which is also so, SO awesome because I was so busy this week I just didn’t have enough time to do much Pinteresting, therefore, I have very little content for today. So, THANKS DENA!

Dena and I go back, back, waaaaaay back to our Ked-wearing, Boulan Park Middle School Boys Basketball cheerleading days. (B-B-B with a P, anyone?) Anyways, Dena is also obsessed with Pinterest and while nerdily im’ing about this blog and failed projects etc. she graciously offered to do a quick post on one of her more disappointing pins. Which, I have seen, I was VERY interested in making it and so I am grateful that Dena had to deal with those feelings of disappointment (and the clean up) and not me. So, without further ado, Dena:

Okay, so here is the pin – – looks delicious, right? Healthy (I love knowing I’m avoiding processed or artificial ingredients when possible) and pretty easy and I had everything necessary already on hand.
Yeah … well here’s how it turned out:

The taste wasn’t terrible, but it certainly wasn’t delicious.
Moral of the story – I wouldn’t make this again. And that beautifully shaped thing in the photo with the oats and blueberries nestled into the top? FALLACY.
Now off to clean the microwave …
And with that, I bid you a Happy Sunday Funday!
*In my old age, my alcohol consumption has dramatically decreased, taking with it my tolerance. However, my brain has not caught up with this idea and when I do, on the rare occasion throw a few back….it turns into throwing a few more back than I really should have. Ouch, and also, really thinking about never drinking again.

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