About Time

Stand by for some cool bracelets!

I have made 6 bracelets and only one of them is for me. (The purple one!) It’s kind of ridiculous, but they are really fun and so easy to make. In fact, I just got an “order” for two more from my neighbor. And by “order” I mean payment will be taken in the form of wine or child entertainment.

The original pin showed measurements for a single bracelet, but I prefer the double wrap, so. yeah. that’s what you get.  The only reason I have those two singles up there is because I cut the cord to short for the intended recipients wrist for a double.  Sorry Care!

When I first started this project, I ordered the buttons/findings that the pinned site took me too.  Unfortunately it took them about 3 weeks to send them and I just got them today.  I really like them a lot (one of them is on the purple bracelet, which, I finally finished today.)  The other buttons I got at JoAnne Fabric, they are fine, but not my style.  No matter since I will be giving those away, so everyone wins!

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